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Hello Somerset, my old friend…. June 29, 2013

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We recently went on holiday to my home County of Somerset!….. We stayed with some friends at my Mum’s caravan on the coast, just next to my favourite place… the Quantocks….


There was kite flying, cider farm visiting, fossil hunting, steam train journeying, castle exploring, forest walking, animal stroking…… We even happened to be there at the summer solstice, and saw the sun go down whilst on the beach…. If I could, I would go back tomorrow!

Flying Oscar the owl kite


Making a daisy chain up the hill


Sunset over the sea


Beautiful sky

Beautiful sky


Sheppy’s cider orchard


Dunster Castle


Choo choo!

Choo choo!


A wander in Greatwood


Found a Caddisfly case here, made from stones!

Found a Caddisfly case here, made from stones!



Found these beauties at a local animal farm

Found these beauties at a local animal farm


Get some cider inside yerr!

Get some cider inside yerr!

Sunset at the solstice

Sunset at the solstice



I hope you have enjoyed these photographs… a garden update to follow soon!


Happy planting 🙂




Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is…… June 2, 2013

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………………………………In my bird box! 😀


I placed a bird box up earlier in the year, and I have had a great tit family move in! I was so excited, and since receiving a new camera for my birthday last month, I have managed to capture some happy snaps of the parents going to and from the box. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the birdies, and a few from my garden this year. 😀


Great tit going into the box

Great tit going into the box



Popping out to get more food



Action shot! (I am very impressed I managed to snap this)!
























Happy planting 🙂


He asked me to marry him!…….. March 24, 2013

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The date was the 17th March 2013,…… the place, Kilve beach, Somerset….


Bob and I were looking for fossils, when he called me over to look at something. Thinking it was an interesting fossil I rushed over. To my surprise….. it was even more exciting…..an engagement ring! Which he had designed and had made for me! I was then whisked away to a wonderful hotel to be wined and dined….. I am sorry to gush, but I just wanted to share that I feel like the most lucky girl in the world!



engaged 1


engaged 3



engaged 2



engaged 4

Flowers that were sent to my work!


(In other news my pineberry seeds are starting to germinate)!


Happy planting 🙂


‘Twas a beautiful day in the peaks again……. March 3, 2013

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Wandering about in the Peaks when it’s a lovely day just cannot be helped! This is my favourite walk in the Peak District, it takes about an hr and a half, first going through woodland, it then opens onto views like this:














I have taken a photo of this stone almost every time I have been on this walk, I think one day I should compile them together!


I love fungi, and I couldn’t resist photographing this little beauty!

And today I finally re-potted my parrot plant babies……… I didn’t realise that I have so many, I must find them homes…. but parrot plant friendly homes, of course! 🙂


Happy planting 🙂


Confessions of a hoarder………… February 21, 2013

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Ok, so I am not about to appear on a hoarding TV show any time soon, I have enough space to cook, sit, sleep etc…. But, I am acutely aware that I have hoarding tendencies. I find parting with things very emotive, and I can find some sentimental connection with almost anything. With my MS diagnosis last year I have struggled to relinquish control of things, and I know the tendency to hoard has become a little worse. So I have made a very conscious decision to try and reduce my clutter….. I figure that a less cluttered house = a less cluttered mind….. 🙂


Anyhooo today I finally gave the six bags of stuff that I have collected over the last few weeks to charity! HUZZAH! It wasn’t easy, and over the weeks of collecting, several of the things that went into the bags were subsequently removed, added again, and then removed. (And errm two things from the bags made it back into the car boot in the last few seconds) Oooops! However, I still managed to get rid of a lot, and I feel so much better now. I must keep going on my de-cluttering journey…..

(More room for house plants)?…………………. 😉


Does anybody else find it hard to part with ‘stuff’?……



Happy Planting 🙂



Sniff, sniff….. what’s that I smell in the garden?….. February 19, 2013

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And I add this photo because it made me giggle when I visted the local farm shop…




Happy Planting 🙂


Pineberry? Whoever heard of a Pineberry?…. February 18, 2013

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No, it’s not some fictitious fruit from Willy Wonka’s lickable wall paper, but a real strawberry variant, which supposedly has a subtle pineapple flavour. (Yummy eh)?


Anyhoo….I have just bought some seeds, and am quite excited about getting them growing, and possibly getting some fruits next year. I have read that because of their white appearance they rarely need netting as birds don’t think they’re ripe!


I was wondering whether anybody has had any experience with these funky little fruits?



‘Pineberries’ (Wikipedia)


Have a hop and a skip and a wander outside… February 8, 2013

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A few photos taken on my phone from a walk in the Peaks last weekend. If anybody is free this weekend, for even half an hour I urge you to get outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the countryside/park 🙂


peaks 2

peaks 3

peaks 1

peaks 4

Happy Planting, happy wandering 🙂


Returning can be tricky, but here’s a snowman… February 7, 2013

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How has it been so long? It’s been many a moon and too many a month…. Not one, not two, but three snowy episodes have left my garden looking barren, but I know there’s life down there… some primroses are trying to flower, and snowdrops have been poking their head’s above ground.


Anyway, here’s a snowman…. my snowman…. do you like him? 🙂




Happy planting 🙂


Living the good life… October 24, 2012

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Whilst in West Scotland driving around the peninsula of ‘Applecross’ we came across this little shelving unit offering the obvious essentials of life……. eggs, hats, socks and jam! The drive was amazing, with spectacular views of Raasay, but this made me smile the most. Unfortunately, they were all out of eggs and jam (although how this can be baffles me slightly as there were very few people about….. my only conclusion is that it must have been very good jam)! We rummaged through the various socks and hats for sale, and I bought a lovely pair of hand stripy knitted socks,… which had a lovely smell of wood smoke and sheep, and I placed my money in the honesty box. Such a wonderful place, with a frank and genuine kindness about it.

I have been inspired this year to emulate a little of this good life, and have made my own jam and chutney from the local blackberries and my excess runner beans.

 Happy planting 🙂