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The growing has begun! April 15, 2012

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Hello and welcome!

I have always loved Spring, it is the season when everything comes alive. And it allows me to plant my seeds and start making my little garden look pretty.

At the end of last year, our landlord put in a large deck at the end of the garden. This was in response to tidying up a very messy garden, and dismantling the broken shed. From some the pieces of the shed my boyfriend (Bob) created me a raised bed for use on the small lawn.

I have already planted a few things, however at the moment most of them remain indoors, on every windowsill I can get my hands on!

Here are my tomato plants on my kitchen windowsill. They have been grown from seed and are the ‘tumbling tom’ variety. There are both yellow and red here, and are perfect variety for pots or hanging baskets.

These are my sweet peas. Admittedly these weren’t grown from seed, but that’s only because the seeds I had did not germinate and I saw these in my favourite garden centre. Today I have re-potted them, and made little wigwams from bits of the apple tree that were trimmed last week. I am eager to get these outside (onto my deck), but am very aware they might get damaged by the frost at the moment.

I have placed the Mange tout in a similar arrangement, but with a bigger wigwam…. It is now upstairs taking up most of a window in Bob’s study room, (which he is yet to see)!

Nasturtiums have also been planted all over, and will be used as companion planting later in the season.

I noticed today that the potatoes (Maris Piper) that I chitted late March, and planted just before Easter have started growing. I will keep an eye on this and earth them up when needed.

The sweetcorn has been sown, and the little strawberry plants put in the strawberry planter… I may have to cover them tonight, as I think there may be some frosts. I have been reading about strawberries, and it would seem that I am to pick off many of the flowers in order to get a better crop. It seems beastly, but I may make myself tomorrow!

That’s enough for today… now to get the dirt from underneath my nails and make a cup of tea 🙂


2 Responses to “The growing has begun!”

  1. Leighroy Jenkins Says:

    Yummy – I’m especially looking forward to the strawberries and sweetcorn! L xxx

  2. meghan11 Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I love your photos. Spent a summer in England long ago.

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