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Lovely weather…… for ducks April 18, 2012

Filed under: Nature — katiepede @ 2:16 pm

Ah yes, it would seem that to quash fears of droughts across the UK, the heavens opened last night, and have remained so! Alas no gardening for me today, but at least everything is getting a good watering. My quick walk to the post office this morning meant having to disrobe several items as soon as I got back home. (That will teach me not to wear more suitable trousers, i.e. ones that don’t suck up water from puddles,…. why oh why do I still keep buying trousers with enough material to make several tents, and the sleeping bags to go with them)? Anyhoo I digress….


The writing of my assignment has definitely waned today, and as I write this I can smell some coffee in the cafetière waiting to provide me with the energy required to go forth this afternoon with well constructed sentences! On a side note, I offer this advice to everyone: never buy cheap coffee….. I bought value coffee once, not the instant stuff, but value stuff for the cafetière. Now I am sure that none of you is as foolish as me, however I decided that it smelt ok, and would (if maybe left for a few minutes longer), taste fine. How wrong I was…… it was nasty, really nasty…. the only resemblance to normal coffee was the colour. I wouldn’t consider myself a coffee snob (I bought value coffee, enough said), but I do try now to buy stuff that has a good strength and is at least fair trade.


Righty, I must get on, as I am cooking a roast later, and I need to have done more work to warrant such a delight! But I leave this photo I took last night of my mange tout happily with their wigwam. I hope everybody is having a good day, possibly gardening, possibly not, but a happy one whatever!



(Whilst writing this I received a knock at the door and the postman delivered my polar bear from Birdeye…. it would seem those months of feeding Bob copious amounts of fish fingers have paid off)!



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