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Prog Rock Flute?!……. April 20, 2012

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Yes indeedy, I did just say prog rock flute! Last night my lovely boyfriend took me to a concert, as an act of spontaneity, and because I play the flute. Anyway, I didn’t know such a phenomenon existed,… until now! It was so much fun, and was hilarious at times. Think normal prog rock crossed with jazz flute (re: Anchorman)…. and you have prog rock flute! An original member of ‘Jethro Tull’, Ian Anderson is obviously very accomplished, and he plays some mean flute, with some funky tunes, but I would suggest that people should go and have a listen for some comedy value alone!


How might I lead this topic back to gardening? Well (and I hope you all like this), but as we were driving home, I asked Bob whether the band Jethro Tull was named after the guy who invented the seed drill. I had remembered learning about him at school,… so upon arrival home a quick google revealed that the band was indeed named after Jethro Tull, an agriculturalist who was a big part of the British Agricultural revolution and invented the seed drill in 1701…. (Yup, see what I did there)? 😉


A quick check of the plantation station (i.e. the warm room upstairs), has revealed my sweetcorn are already germinating! At least 3 are poking their little heads above the soil, I am quite impressed with their speedy growing!


Also today I went out at lunch and met a friend to have a coffee and discuss some work. On the way home I detoured through the park to see how things (on a far larger scale) were growing, and was met by some beautiful blossoms.




I then popped into my favourite little fruit and veg shop, and simply couldn’t resist a bright red geranium (Pelargonium), I always was a sucker for a red head…. (points if you can tell me which film that quote is from)!




Right, that’s enough for now, I better try and tidy up a few loose ends with work, however for some strange reason I have a strong urge to go find my flute……..


2 Responses to “Prog Rock Flute?!…….”

  1. That’s the best piece of trvia I’ve heard lately.

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