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I am so British (or is that English)…. ? April 23, 2012

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That opening gambit is because today is St. George’s day…. a day when we celebrate being English. However, as he was Roman, born in, what is now Turkey, it seems slightly ironic that some rather far right political parties wear his flag whilst arguing their ‘Englishness’….


Anyway, this is not to be a political banter, rather whilst I sit here drinking my English cup of tea (product of India), I am indeed English and proud of it, but I am so much more as well. I realise that my roots originate from a great many nations…. and (I know that if my boyfriend reads this I shall be condemned in his eyes as a hippie forever), we are indeed all the same.


So with that said, happy St. George’s day to everybody….



(Personally I feel sorry for the poor dragon)….


Quick gardening update:

(Basil planted, courgettes planted, all of the Maris piper potato plants are now growing, and all 18 sweetcorn have sprouted… so I might be gifting some sweetcorn to my lovely friends very soon)!


2 Responses to “I am so British (or is that English)…. ?”

  1. FeyGirl Says:

    Heh, that was fun… I always felt bad for the symbolic dragon too! Peculiarly reptilian (dare I say…alligator-like?). 🙂

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