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Slug house…. May 30, 2012

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Yes indeed…. do you want to have a slug house?! “Errr no!”, I hear many gardening bods exclaiming!


Ok, I am not actually trying to advocate that you set up house for your slugs, rather I have very nifty trick for organically trapping them. I have in the past bought organic slug pellets, which are supposedly ok for hedgehogs (incase Mr. prickles fancied eating one after the slug had eaten a pellet). And I have used beer traps, which really work! However, since learning about leopard slugs last year, and how they are actually GOOD (yes you heard me correctly), for your garden, I have been less keen to be the mighty slayer of slugs.


(Leopard slugs only eat fungi and decaying matter, and sometimes other slugs… so they are actually pretty handy in the garden).


Anyhoo, all you need is a melon, cut it in half and eat the yummyness in the middle. Then make a little entrance…. and voila! You have a slug house/trap…. They love the melon, and go there rather than your precious plants, you can then pick up the melon and shake the not so garden-friendly slugs elsewhere! I tend to favour the park opposite 😀



Note the little slug in the entrance!


Happy Slugging 🙂



Happiness is gardening…. May 28, 2012

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Please forgive my recent lack of blogging….. however, wonderful things have been happening in the garden 🙂


My Lupins are huge, which is quite an achievement, as I find they often get munched on, and I only get one or two stems. In the background you can see my string of solar lights, which when sat in the garden of an evening look really pretty.



My mange tout are producing little snacks, which I have started picking to nibble on or add to our dinners….



The spuds are earthed up to their ears, and the courgettes are now outside loving their new pot and fresh air.


As the bluebells start to fade new pretties take their place. The sweet williams that I planted last year are looking strong and set to flower soon.



And the peony makes me smile every time I see it….



The winter pansies which have been so happy are now starting to look rather weedy, and I think I will have to find something else to put in my window box.


My sweetcorn grows steadily in the planter outside, and today I have put some runner beans on wet kitchen towel to get them germinating.


I do unfortunately have a couple of garden issues, which I am going to see if anybody has answers to…. Firstly my new climber is getting nibbled….but by what?! I cannot see any snails/slugs, and there don’t seem to be any eggs or larvae…..


And more sadly my honeysuckles look awful. I thought at first that it needed a good feed, and did so. However the leaves are yellowing, and the branches look light they have a fungus/mould on them? Does anybody know what is going on, or how to make them better? Advice on either issue would be much appreciated.



Happy planting! 🙂


I can see clearly now the rain has gone…. May 12, 2012

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What a week…. it has been very busy, and it was my birthday on Wednesday… I was kindly given not one, but two cakes! Yummy! So I am now a grand age of….



It has been a dry today, and I have a feeling (and because the man on the radio said so), that this brief period of sun will once again be met with showers, so have made the most of the mini dry spell today 🙂


Mostly it has been filled with pottering…. not sure it constitutes proper gardening, but rather pootling about in the garden moving pots about, and generally inspecting plants…. you know in case they’ve grown etc. 🙂


My boyfriend brought a poor Ficus Benjamina home from his office which was completely pickled by mealy bug. It is pretty bare on one side, and is really suffering. I have moved it to the very top of the garden as far away from other plants as I could (to prevent contamination). I have misted it with a bug spray (I try usually to remove such bugs by hand, but this was an extreme case), and have given it a feed with some organic mix. I hope that it perks up over the weekend, but I think it might take some time.


Anyway, I was able to take a few snaps of the things growing in the garden…..

I earthed up my potatoes…



I grew Maris Piper potatoes last year in this bag, and they worked brilliantly…. it would seem that this year (touch wood), should be the same 🙂



My lupin is growing large and has several flowers growing, so as long as the slugs don’t get them there should be a good show soon!




The seeds of woodland poppy (stylophorum diphyllum) that I scattered last year have started flowering. I think they look beautiful next to all the bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica) and forget-me-not (Myosotis).




My lovely friend Kati gave me these beautiful copper leaves and dragonfly, which I have placed in the garden next to some ferns and more forget-me-not.




Now I know that dandelions can be a bit of a pain for gardeners (Taraxacum officinale), as the spread everywhere, but I do think they are beautiful in their own right. Pretty yellow lions, beautiful seed heads….. And you can make very tasty dandelion wine from the flowers…. I remember picking them for my Mum and Dad as a child… the things your parents make you do eh?…. 😉



Happy Saturday, happy planting 🙂


Give the gift of a seedling… May 7, 2012

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To me there is nothing quite as satisfying as giving somebody a seedling, or plant that you have grown. It feels me with immense pleasure that I have firstly been able to grow it, and secondly that it might bring that person joy.


So far this year I have gifted several tomato plants, some chitted potatoes, and I shall be soon giving friends courgettes and spare sweetcorn. I have also been able to divide my prayer plant (Calathea amabilis) into several new plants which have since gone to friends. These make excellent house plants, require little water and attention. They boast lush foliage which is a pretty asset to any room.



My recent absence in the blogging world stems from my return to placement this past week. I thought I would have more time this weekend, but Saturday morning gave rise to an impromptu visit to Edinburgh! We were only there for 20 hours delivering a friend’s car to them, and it was my first ever visit. I must say from the little I saw, what a beautiful city it is, and I really hope to go again soon.


I share with you a few photos 🙂










I am not sure what the flower is in the last photo, but it was lovely in the dappled light…. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Happy Planting 🙂