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Slug house…. May 30, 2012

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Yes indeed…. do you want to have a slug house?! “Errr no!”, I hear many gardening bods exclaiming!


Ok, I am not actually trying to advocate that you set up house for your slugs, rather I have very nifty trick for organically trapping them. I have in the past bought organic slug pellets, which are supposedly ok for hedgehogs (incase Mr. prickles fancied eating one after the slug had eaten a pellet). And I have used beer traps, which really work! However, since learning about leopard slugs last year, and how they are actually GOOD (yes you heard me correctly), for your garden, I have been less keen to be the mighty slayer of slugs.


(Leopard slugs only eat fungi and decaying matter, and sometimes other slugs… so they are actually pretty handy in the garden).


Anyhoo, all you need is a melon, cut it in half and eat the yummyness in the middle. Then make a little entrance…. and voila! You have a slug house/trap…. They love the melon, and go there rather than your precious plants, you can then pick up the melon and shake the not so garden-friendly slugs elsewhere! I tend to favour the park opposite šŸ˜€



Note the little slug in the entrance!


Happy Slugging šŸ™‚



14 Responses to “Slug house….”

  1. FeyGirl Says:

    this is FANTASTIC! i’ve never heard of this, and love love love it! i’m going to be sharing with my gardening family members who have a slug issue (not really a problem here), because ā€” like you say ā€” not all slugs are detrimental. besides, i can’t do the poison route and kill off anything. just…can’t!

  2. Inge Says:

    This is great. I may tell a friend of mine who loves gardening. Thanks for the tips! šŸ™‚

  3. Oh, boy…do I EVER do the beer traps!! In all, I think I prefer this method instead. It looks cuter, too šŸ˜€

  4. seapunk2 Says:

    This is great! I’ve been using wood ash, egg shells, copper pennies… A great solution for me and a real time saver. I hope my many varieties of guests, like it!

  5. Ooo nice idea, I used beer traps a few years ago to try and protect some herbs, it didn’t work, they ate them, then fell into the pots with a full tummy of coriander. After marinating in beer and coriander they might taste ok sauteed? No I really would not cook/eat slugs, making myself gag at the thought.

  6. Karen Says:

    What a great tip, Katie!

  7. Earth Elixir Says:

    Great idea!!!! I have noticed the leopard slugs so it is good to know about them

  8. Karen Says:

    Fantastico idea! I slung a 2 halves of a melon on the compost heap a day or so ago, I’m now trudging out of the door to get them back (trudging, because it’s raining, again). I must confess, I didn’t realise Leopard slugs are the good guys, good job I don’t slay them willy nilly!

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