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Crafty interlude… June 29, 2012

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Whilst the weather remains inclement, and the wind is hindering my photography skills, (nobody wants to see blur of foliage and petals and for me to convince you that it is actually a courgette or something)….. So I decided that today would be a good chance to try photographing something still!


I love a bit of craft, and I particularly love pottery and beading. So it makes sense that I like playing with fimo (polymer clay). I have been doing so off and on since I was a kid, however last weekend I went to a workshop to learn how to make things with a marbled effect. I then became inspired to make the cupcakes and bits that I used to make. I am a little out of practice, but I think they all went ok….. Ah well gives me an excuse to get crafting again!


The marbled effect beads made at the workshop



Other bits I then got inspired to create! 😀


Happy crafting, happy beading, happy planting 🙂


50p plants…. June 28, 2012

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Ahh yes,  I love a good bargain! Added with my love of plants means I want to buy ALL sale plants…. and take them home and make them better…..


However, I have learnt from experience that buyer beware…. sometimes despite how much I want to take them home, not all of them can be saved…. The 50p redcurrant bush has been brilliant, and I harvested a few berries today. I also bought two chilli plants for 50p each whilst with my Mum last week and these are growing stronger and happier every day. Yet the cheap marigolds I bought a few weeks ago perished almost as soon as I got them home….. I wasn’t sure they would make it, but I couldn’t resist.


I think the morale of the story is a plant’s origin will often help with its future. I have found that plants bought from garden centres are generally much healthier than those from supermarkets and DIY stores. However, sometimes it is worth a punt…..


It’s only 50p! 🙂




Updates of the garden…. and a crafty interlude soon 🙂


Happy planting 🙂


The Versatile Blogger award! Oh la la! June 22, 2012

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Well I never, it would seem that I have been nominated for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’! What a lovely feeling 🙂


It took me a few minutes to get me head around it, as I have never been nominated for anything before, and having only started the blog but a few months ago, I was rather surprised!


Firstly please let me thank the lovely blog by Inge for her nomination, and I urge you to sneek a peek at her blog if you get a chance. She takes some beautiful photographs and offers some great recipes and advice.


Now I must nominate others which I feel fall under this category…. This is a little tricky as I love to look at so many, but am most certainly a newbee…. But here goes….


1) Sithy Things

2) Romancing the Bee

3) Engraver Sue

4) Mix, Make, Grow

5) Hillwards

6) Stars and Rainbows

7) Cozywalls

8) Little Red Owl

9) Gardening the Lines

10) Serenity Spell

11) Twin Creeks Musings

12) Back Road Journal

13) Coffee and Lilacs

14) Earth Elixir

15) The Sprouting Writes


Now get yourself a cup of tea and look at these lovely blogs…. (actually you might need a pot of tea) 🙂


Hmmm it would seem that the rules… state that I must now write seven things about myself…. I am not sure I am very good at such things… however;


1) I love gardening, it makes me smile and it calms my soul

2) I adore trees, and would love to live in an Ewok village

3) Once a year I become a Christmas elf…. and get ridiculously excited about all things Christmassy

4) My favourite sweet is a sherbert fountain

5) I play the flute

6) My favourite flower is a sweet pea

7) I originally trained as an Archaeologist




Phew, that bit is over….. Now to post and inform people of my nominations 🙂


Cheeky bees…. June 19, 2012

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I do like bees, bees, bees, bees! I love to watch them, and I love what good they do. More recently I have been inspired by blogs such as this lovely one by Deborah Delong all about urban bee keeping, and am trying to learn more about all types of bees.


After a glass of wine with a friend, talk of bees started (is this quite normal?) :-), and this particular friend (who is a keen horticulturist) asked whether I was aware that bees don’t actually access the nectar in fuchsias by going into the centre, rather they bite in from the side and go straight to the source! I was fascinated by this information and have been following them around the fuchsia bushes trying to see this behaviour, and to get a photo……


I was very happy that after quite a lot of hunting, I managed to get this photo!




It’s amazing what you can see when you actually look closely…… There are signs of this activity all over my fuchsias 🙂


Happy planting 🙂


Oh let’s have a little look…. June 12, 2012

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My runner beans (Phaseolus coccineus) are growing in their pots…. lovely stuff! And I have cleared the area in the outside planter for them 🙂 They are the enorma variety which I have had good results from in the past.


(Look how pretty they are)!


Whilst I’m at it, let’s have a little look around the garden together and see what else has been going on…. dum dee dum…. 😀

Ooooh! There are little gooseberries (Grossularia), not quite enough for a crumble, or even a fool…. but they’re going to be yummytiddlytastic!

There are redcurrants (Ribes rubrum)….

Also little raspberries (Rubus) are also starting to show.

Ah ha! Maybe all three together will make some sort of puddingy delight….. (but please, not summer pudding, that stuff is weird…)

I am particularly pleased with the raspberries and redcurrants as I bought both these plants when they were in a very sorry state in a supermarket for 50p…. Hurray for plant saving!

However, my most happy moment today was when I spotted a wee flower on my sweet peas 😀 I know they’ve not grown huge, and it is only one, but they are my most favourite flower…. and their smell fills me with all sorts of happy memories…… I am going away this weekend to see my Motherrr dearest, so I hope that on my return there will be many more to smell…..

And at last but no means least here is my tomato hanging basket…. after a little accident, it requires repositioning on the wall, however you get the idea. There are the lobelia around the edges and tumbling tom on top. I think it needs a little feed…. but there are tiny tumbling toms already! (Try saying that fast)! 🙂

I will take more photos when it all flowers and fruits 😀

Happy Planting 🙂


Jubilee Jubilations! June 5, 2012

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I simply cannot resist mentioning the jubilee,… so here it is… Well done Queen Liz!…. 60 years is pretty good, by anyone’s standards. I wasn’t able to pop to Somerset to see my Mum and get involved with the village celebrations (booo). However, I did get to go to my favourite garden centre (yay), and I did get involved in a bbq with the neighbours, despite the wet Sunday weather!


There has been much re-potting this weekend, sweet peas, runner beans etc.. and some of my ‘tumbling tom’ tomatoes have been upgraded to their luxury hanging basket… (which now also has trailing lobelia around the edges)…. I shall take photographs soon… it is a big fancy basket that my Mum bought for me!… which required a super strong bracket!


I still need to re-pot my birthday bamboo, which I am hoping will grow huge and make my deck look like a jungle 🙂


Oh and my garden is a throng with bees (I do love bees)…. especially the fuchsia, which now has an audible ‘buzz’ if you go anywhere near! I also managed to rescue a bee which was looking sad and vulnerable on the pavement. After holding it on a leaf in my hand, it warmed up and flew away after a few minutes.


Just a quick look at my sweetcorn…. Oh aren’t they fabulous….  🙂 (And yes I am aware that weeding is required behind the planter….. note the abundant bindweed (my nemesis), and bramble….



Happy planting 🙂