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Jubilee Jubilations! June 5, 2012

Filed under: Gardening,Nature — katiepede @ 10:28 pm

I simply cannot resist mentioning the jubilee,… so here it is… Well done Queen Liz!…. 60 years is pretty good, by anyone’s standards. I wasn’t able to pop to Somerset to see my Mum and get involved with the village celebrations (booo). However, I did get to go to my favourite garden centre (yay), and I did get involved in a bbq with the neighbours, despite the wet Sunday weather!


There has been much re-potting this weekend, sweet peas, runner beans etc.. and some of my ‘tumbling tom’ tomatoes have been upgraded to their luxury hanging basket… (which now also has trailing lobelia around the edges)…. I shall take photographs soon… it is a big fancy basket that my Mum bought for me!… which required a super strong bracket!


I still need to re-pot my birthday bamboo, which I am hoping will grow huge and make my deck look like a jungle 🙂


Oh and my garden is a throng with bees (I do love bees)…. especially the fuchsia, which now has an audible ‘buzz’ if you go anywhere near! I also managed to rescue a bee which was looking sad and vulnerable on the pavement. After holding it on a leaf in my hand, it warmed up and flew away after a few minutes.


Just a quick look at my sweetcorn…. Oh aren’t they fabulous….  🙂 (And yes I am aware that weeding is required behind the planter….. note the abundant bindweed (my nemesis), and bramble….



Happy planting 🙂


3 Responses to “Jubilee Jubilations!”

  1. Sixty years on the Throne is quite an achievement!! May she have many more!!

    And I love bees, too 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your basket with the tumbling tom and lobelia. That should be a pretty sight.

    • katiepede Says:

      Unfortunately somebody managed to break the nail in the wall…. However it is now balanced on an up-turned plant pot and I shall take some lovely photos 🙂 x

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