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Oh let’s have a little look…. June 12, 2012

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My runner beans (Phaseolus coccineus) are growing in their pots…. lovely stuff! And I have cleared the area in the outside planter for them 🙂 They are the enorma variety which I have had good results from in the past.


(Look how pretty they are)!


Whilst I’m at it, let’s have a little look around the garden together and see what else has been going on…. dum dee dum…. 😀

Ooooh! There are little gooseberries (Grossularia), not quite enough for a crumble, or even a fool…. but they’re going to be yummytiddlytastic!

There are redcurrants (Ribes rubrum)….

Also little raspberries (Rubus) are also starting to show.

Ah ha! Maybe all three together will make some sort of puddingy delight….. (but please, not summer pudding, that stuff is weird…)

I am particularly pleased with the raspberries and redcurrants as I bought both these plants when they were in a very sorry state in a supermarket for 50p…. Hurray for plant saving!

However, my most happy moment today was when I spotted a wee flower on my sweet peas 😀 I know they’ve not grown huge, and it is only one, but they are my most favourite flower…. and their smell fills me with all sorts of happy memories…… I am going away this weekend to see my Motherrr dearest, so I hope that on my return there will be many more to smell…..

And at last but no means least here is my tomato hanging basket…. after a little accident, it requires repositioning on the wall, however you get the idea. There are the lobelia around the edges and tumbling tom on top. I think it needs a little feed…. but there are tiny tumbling toms already! (Try saying that fast)! 🙂

I will take more photos when it all flowers and fruits 😀

Happy Planting 🙂


5 Responses to “Oh let’s have a little look….”

  1. Oh, I do love me a sweet fool. And I mean the dessert, especially raspberry 🙂

    The sweet peas are beautiful. I hope you find more of their flowers upon your return.

  2. Sue Says:

    Lovely to see your garden and I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. What a lovely garden. Such an exciting time when you start to see flowers and fruits and great to have raspberries and redcurrants. I love runner beans, I made a delicious risotto with them the other night, can’t wait for more!

  4. […] sometimes despite how much I want to take them home, not all of them can be saved…. The 50p redcurrant bush has been brilliant, and I harvested a few berries today. I also bought two chilli plants for 50p […]

  5. lambskinny Says:

    Reblogged this on Versatile Blogger Award and commented:
    Love that ‘spring’ green, don’t you?

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