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I’m feeling green……… July 30, 2012

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Ah green, what a lovely colour! It is my favourite of all the colours…. (Please tell me your favourite colour).


However, it is also the colour I feel when I see such beauts as those I have seen this past weekend. I went to a hen party, and stayed at a lovely place in Kingthorpe, nr. Lincoln. There was a 17th Century farm house, which had been converted and offered accommodation. And then down in the garden were eco huts, and ducks, and goats and moor hens, (and scary geese), and a pond, and a LOVERRLY veg patch. Ooooh yes, I could have pootled around there for hours….. I also had terrible courgette envy…. Mine are teeny in comparison!

Let’s have a gander at the house and garden….











Phew… there are so many more photos that I could post (and so many that I could not) te he he!


If anybody fancies a lovely few nights away either in a 17th Century house, or an eco hut (and you can get an award winning breakfast) then do go, and have a lovely old time! You can even have fires! (My love of fire knows no bounds)….




Happy Planting 🙂





July 26, 2012

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I am envious that my Mum was able to go here! I would love to see this, but am not going to be home before it closes this year….. I think anybody able to should do so, as it looks amazing, and is such a great idea….. closes 2nd September 2012 🙂

Happy Planting 🙂

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In a quiet corner of sleepy Somerset, in the pretty village of South Petherton there is a beautiful field which has been sown with a glorious display of wild flowers. The owners open this jewel to the public for a few weeks every year in return for a donation to charity.

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Sweet peas and creosote…. July 19, 2012

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‘Olfactory-evoked recall’  is one of the terms used to describe the sudden burst of memories and emotions that can be summoned from a sudden whiff of a certain scent. This happens to me a lot. For example, two-stroke engine oil reminds me of riding on the back of a motorbike when I was younger, and the smell of sandlewood reminds me of a soap we always seemed to have as a kid.


Yet none is as strong as the memories and emotions that come racing back from the scent of sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) and creosote…. My Dad made my sister and me a ‘Wendy House’, and would use creosote once a year to keep it in good condition. He would also use it liberally on the tree house, and fence panels.. So the smell immediately puts me back into the Wendy house, pretending that I owned a cafe/garage etc. And sweet peas were always grown in my Grannie’s garden. I would pick her a bunch each time I went to see her. My Dad also used to grow them, and to me there is nothing quite as beautiful, yet understated as a sweet pea…..


As I am not really likely to do much in the way of creosoting, I shall happily make do filling my olfactory system with the smell of my newly flowering sweet peas 😀









Go on, take a sniff….

What smells evoke memories for you?


Happy planting 🙂


The sweetest of Williams….. July 16, 2012

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They took a while to flower, but now (much akin to those weird shaped crisps)…. they have started and simply won’t stop… What a treat! I share with you a few snaps taken in between rain drops 😉




Here’s a few pebbles from the beach lovingly placed next to some lobelia….. lovely stuff….



And to top off today’s happy little post, my little yellow round Courgettes (zucchinis) that are starting to get bigger…..



Happy planting 🙂