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It’s been a while…. September 28, 2012

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For a few weeks now my beloved has been pestering encouraging me to update my blog. Yet, as time has passed it has been a little tricky getting back into it! I wonder whether it is simply because I wasn’t sure where to start. Anyhoo I have decided to do a quick update about the garden and then add some snaps from our holiday in Scotland…. As I took several hundred I am in no doubt that some more will inevitably sneek in somewhere! I hope that after this post it will be easier to get back into my blog.


Garden Delights:


* Sweetcorn: This is the first year I have grown full size corn, and I have had some real beauties. Both Bob and I have been eating corn on the cob, and I am in no doubt that they are the sweetest I have ever tasted.


* Runner beans: With only a few plants I have been adding them to almost every evening meal. As some of them are getting a little woody I have found a recipe for runner bean chutney, and am considering giving it a try.


* Tomatoes: I have had mixed success with these. On one hand with the use of ‘tumbling toms’ I have had a great many more ripen than I have in previous years. However, being in a hanging basket requires extra attention…. and being super vigilant with regards to watering! I have many green toms, which I doubt will ripen…. more chutney?!


* Courgettes: Have had a fair few, but not as many as the green variety…. will plant a few types next season.


* Potatoes: Slug damage… 😦 Have now replanted with a ‘Duke of York’ variety hopefully in time for Christmas. (I love Christmas)


* Strawberries: Some berries, and more ripening now, but I hope the plants will yield more fruit next year.


* Chili Peppers: From my 50p plants I have a great many. These have been moved inside, and are now ripening… yummytastic 🙂


A wee dram of Scotland to whet your appetite:










Happy planting 🙂