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He asked me to marry him!…….. March 24, 2013

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The date was the 17th March 2013,…… the place, Kilve beach, Somerset….


Bob and I were looking for fossils, when he called me over to look at something. Thinking it was an interesting fossil I rushed over. To my surprise….. it was even more exciting…..an engagement ring! Which he had designed and had made for me! I was then whisked away to a wonderful hotel to be wined and dined….. I am sorry to gush, but I just wanted to share that I feel like the most lucky girl in the world!



engaged 1


engaged 3



engaged 2



engaged 4

Flowers that were sent to my work!


(In other news my pineberry seeds are starting to germinate)!


Happy planting 🙂


‘Twas a beautiful day in the peaks again……. March 3, 2013

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Wandering about in the Peaks when it’s a lovely day just cannot be helped! This is my favourite walk in the Peak District, it takes about an hr and a half, first going through woodland, it then opens onto views like this:














I have taken a photo of this stone almost every time I have been on this walk, I think one day I should compile them together!


I love fungi, and I couldn’t resist photographing this little beauty!

And today I finally re-potted my parrot plant babies……… I didn’t realise that I have so many, I must find them homes…. but parrot plant friendly homes, of course! 🙂


Happy planting 🙂