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Hello Somerset, my old friend…. June 29, 2013

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We recently went on holiday to my home County of Somerset!….. We stayed with some friends at my Mum’s caravan on the coast, just next to my favourite place… the Quantocks….


There was kite flying, cider farm visiting, fossil hunting, steam train journeying, castle exploring, forest walking, animal stroking…… We even happened to be there at the summer solstice, and saw the sun go down whilst on the beach…. If I could, I would go back tomorrow!

Flying Oscar the owl kite


Making a daisy chain up the hill


Sunset over the sea


Beautiful sky

Beautiful sky


Sheppy’s cider orchard


Dunster Castle


Choo choo!

Choo choo!


A wander in Greatwood


Found a Caddisfly case here, made from stones!

Found a Caddisfly case here, made from stones!



Found these beauties at a local animal farm

Found these beauties at a local animal farm


Get some cider inside yerr!

Get some cider inside yerr!

Sunset at the solstice

Sunset at the solstice



I hope you have enjoyed these photographs… a garden update to follow soon!


Happy planting 🙂




12 Responses to “Hello Somerset, my old friend….”

  1. This is perfection in a blog post, bloomin love cider and woods and owls.

  2. hillwards Says:

    Beautiful shots. Some amazing skies, meadows and sea. Lovely.

  3. Sarah Ward Says:

    Somerset is a beaut!! You’ve captured it beautifully 🙂 makes me want to go back now…have been talking about an impromptu camping trip with the boy…maybe Somerset is calling us? Sending love xxx

  4. engraversue Says:

    It’s been a beautiful weekend at our favourite seaside spot 😀 Hope you can come home again soon. x

  5. What a beautiful place. However did you leave it??? 😀

  6. Sarah Says:

    I miss your beautiful voice on the blogosphere…but no pressure if it’s not for you anymore. Just miss you! Hope to see you around again, someday…somehow… 🙂 Sending lots of love, and hope the wedding planning is going well (or went well and you had a wonderful day if it’s already passed) xxxxx

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