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Living the good life… October 24, 2012

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Whilst in West Scotland driving around the peninsula of ‘Applecross’ we came across this little shelving unit offering the obvious essentials of life……. eggs, hats, socks and jam! The drive was amazing, with spectacular views of Raasay, but this made me smile the most. Unfortunately, they were all out of eggs and jam (although how this can be baffles me slightly as there were very few people about….. my only conclusion is that it must have been very good jam)! We rummaged through the various socks and hats for sale, and I bought a lovely pair of hand stripy knitted socks,… which had a lovely smell of wood smoke and sheep, and I placed my money in the honesty box. Such a wonderful place, with a frank and genuine kindness about it.

I have been inspired this year to emulate a little of this good life, and have made my own jam and chutney from the local blackberries and my excess runner beans.

 Happy planting 🙂


It’s been a while…. September 28, 2012

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For a few weeks now my beloved has been pestering encouraging me to update my blog. Yet, as time has passed it has been a little tricky getting back into it! I wonder whether it is simply because I wasn’t sure where to start. Anyhoo I have decided to do a quick update about the garden and then add some snaps from our holiday in Scotland…. As I took several hundred I am in no doubt that some more will inevitably sneek in somewhere! I hope that after this post it will be easier to get back into my blog.


Garden Delights:


* Sweetcorn: This is the first year I have grown full size corn, and I have had some real beauties. Both Bob and I have been eating corn on the cob, and I am in no doubt that they are the sweetest I have ever tasted.


* Runner beans: With only a few plants I have been adding them to almost every evening meal. As some of them are getting a little woody I have found a recipe for runner bean chutney, and am considering giving it a try.


* Tomatoes: I have had mixed success with these. On one hand with the use of ‘tumbling toms’ I have had a great many more ripen than I have in previous years. However, being in a hanging basket requires extra attention…. and being super vigilant with regards to watering! I have many green toms, which I doubt will ripen…. more chutney?!


* Courgettes: Have had a fair few, but not as many as the green variety…. will plant a few types next season.


* Potatoes: Slug damage… 😦 Have now replanted with a ‘Duke of York’ variety hopefully in time for Christmas. (I love Christmas)


* Strawberries: Some berries, and more ripening now, but I hope the plants will yield more fruit next year.


* Chili Peppers: From my 50p plants I have a great many. These have been moved inside, and are now ripening… yummytastic 🙂


A wee dram of Scotland to whet your appetite:










Happy planting 🙂