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Have a hop and a skip and a wander outside… February 8, 2013

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A few photos taken on my phone from a walk in the Peaks last weekend. If anybody is free this weekend, for even half an hour I urge you to get outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the countryside/park 🙂


peaks 2

peaks 3

peaks 1

peaks 4

Happy Planting, happy wandering 🙂


Returning can be tricky, but here’s a snowman… February 7, 2013

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How has it been so long? It’s been many a moon and too many a month…. Not one, not two, but three snowy episodes have left my garden looking barren, but I know there’s life down there… some primroses are trying to flower, and snowdrops have been poking their head’s above ground.


Anyway, here’s a snowman…. my snowman…. do you like him? 🙂




Happy planting 🙂


Living the good life… October 24, 2012

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Whilst in West Scotland driving around the peninsula of ‘Applecross’ we came across this little shelving unit offering the obvious essentials of life……. eggs, hats, socks and jam! The drive was amazing, with spectacular views of Raasay, but this made me smile the most. Unfortunately, they were all out of eggs and jam (although how this can be baffles me slightly as there were very few people about….. my only conclusion is that it must have been very good jam)! We rummaged through the various socks and hats for sale, and I bought a lovely pair of hand stripy knitted socks,… which had a lovely smell of wood smoke and sheep, and I placed my money in the honesty box. Such a wonderful place, with a frank and genuine kindness about it.

I have been inspired this year to emulate a little of this good life, and have made my own jam and chutney from the local blackberries and my excess runner beans.

 Happy planting 🙂


It’s been a while…. September 28, 2012

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For a few weeks now my beloved has been pestering encouraging me to update my blog. Yet, as time has passed it has been a little tricky getting back into it! I wonder whether it is simply because I wasn’t sure where to start. Anyhoo I have decided to do a quick update about the garden and then add some snaps from our holiday in Scotland…. As I took several hundred I am in no doubt that some more will inevitably sneek in somewhere! I hope that after this post it will be easier to get back into my blog.


Garden Delights:


* Sweetcorn: This is the first year I have grown full size corn, and I have had some real beauties. Both Bob and I have been eating corn on the cob, and I am in no doubt that they are the sweetest I have ever tasted.


* Runner beans: With only a few plants I have been adding them to almost every evening meal. As some of them are getting a little woody I have found a recipe for runner bean chutney, and am considering giving it a try.


* Tomatoes: I have had mixed success with these. On one hand with the use of ‘tumbling toms’ I have had a great many more ripen than I have in previous years. However, being in a hanging basket requires extra attention…. and being super vigilant with regards to watering! I have many green toms, which I doubt will ripen…. more chutney?!


* Courgettes: Have had a fair few, but not as many as the green variety…. will plant a few types next season.


* Potatoes: Slug damage… 😦 Have now replanted with a ‘Duke of York’ variety hopefully in time for Christmas. (I love Christmas)


* Strawberries: Some berries, and more ripening now, but I hope the plants will yield more fruit next year.


* Chili Peppers: From my 50p plants I have a great many. These have been moved inside, and are now ripening… yummytastic 🙂


A wee dram of Scotland to whet your appetite:










Happy planting 🙂


Finding the time, is like finding your socks… August 3, 2012

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I lose my socks a lot! In fact I lose many things. Generally when I panic I have lost something, I haven’t looked hard enough, and they are often right in front of me (or… ahem…in my bag). This is after I have run around like a crazy woman… saying “My keys, they’re gooone fooorever!” (I am nothing, if not dramatic when I ‘lose’ something) :-)….


I (possibly in a tenuous fashion), find this similar to time. Too often am I worrying about not having enough, I panic about it… without appreciating where I am, and what I have right now. The last couple of months have made me ever more aware of my own timings, and at first I kept worrying about not having enough of it…. Yet I have come to realise that my future is not as transparent nor on the predictable path that I thought it was only a few months ago. Things might be set to try us… but I need to remain positive, and take my recent news in my stride.

Also, just today I finished and handed in ALL of my remaining course work (added wooo needed here….Wooooo!), so things must be coming together, as soon I will be a bona fide Radiotherapist!


I really need to worry less, and just maybe when it comes to my garden, find the beauty in a few weeds…..  So what if the bindweed is trying to its come back in a few places,…. it’s certainly not as bad as last year…. And a hefty tug will be sufficient for now.


As my chilli peppers grow bigger, my tomatoes start to get some colour, the corn grows higher, and the runner beans out grow their canes, I have an immense sense of pride, that, yes,…. I grew these!….. And I cannot wait until they are all ready to eat (probably on a daily basis with the beans, as I fear I have grown far too many for two people… ah well Bob/friends/neighbours better like beans)! 😉


Runner beans and Sweet corn loveliness



Look, double cobs!


I have been pleased with the tomato hanging basket, and I apologise that it has taken so long for a photograph to be taken of it…. My kindly landlord re-attached the bracket to the wall, as it had become too heavy for it and had broken.


‘Tumbling Tom’ tomatoes and trailing lobelia hanging basket



Ripening Tomatoes



Chilli peppers


As we creep through the year, and I become aware that things will be harvested soon my thoughts go to what to grow now, and what to grow next year. I know we will be in the same house…. so I definitely have another growing season here. I think soon I may try some pak choi, early broad beans, and plant some late spuds…. I hear you can plant spuds in late August for Christmas….. Christmas Roasties with home grown spuds… what a feast!


Re-potted bamboo, lobelia, asiatic lilies, climbing hydrangea (and tomatoes in the top right corner)


Anyhoo, I hope everybody has been enjoying the Olympics, and have also found some time to enjoy their gardens, parks and open spaces….


Happy Planting 🙂


I’m feeling green……… July 30, 2012

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Ah green, what a lovely colour! It is my favourite of all the colours…. (Please tell me your favourite colour).


However, it is also the colour I feel when I see such beauts as those I have seen this past weekend. I went to a hen party, and stayed at a lovely place in Kingthorpe, nr. Lincoln. There was a 17th Century farm house, which had been converted and offered accommodation. And then down in the garden were eco huts, and ducks, and goats and moor hens, (and scary geese), and a pond, and a LOVERRLY veg patch. Ooooh yes, I could have pootled around there for hours….. I also had terrible courgette envy…. Mine are teeny in comparison!

Let’s have a gander at the house and garden….











Phew… there are so many more photos that I could post (and so many that I could not) te he he!


If anybody fancies a lovely few nights away either in a 17th Century house, or an eco hut (and you can get an award winning breakfast) then do go, and have a lovely old time! You can even have fires! (My love of fire knows no bounds)….




Happy Planting 🙂





July 26, 2012

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I am envious that my Mum was able to go here! I would love to see this, but am not going to be home before it closes this year….. I think anybody able to should do so, as it looks amazing, and is such a great idea….. closes 2nd September 2012 🙂

Happy Planting 🙂

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